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About Us

About Us

At Adept Law PLLC, our time and resources are dedicated to giving our clients the legal services they need when they need them the most. We understand how troubling legal matters can be and how the stress of facing a legal issue alone can be difficult. Bigger law firms can make you feel as though you’re just a number. During this stressful time, you need a partner that you can trust to help guide you through every step of your legal matter. That is why Adept Law PLLC was started.

Founded by C. Robert Houle in 2007, Adept Law PLLC offers the small law firm atmosphere that is caring, involved, and ready to take your case. We believe that adequate legal representation should be attainable by all, which is why we offer small firm prices with big firm results.

Whether you need advice through a complex legal issue or you need someone to fight for you and your case, we are here to help you.

What Makes Adept Law Different?

What makes us stand out from the rest is our commitment to our clients and our relentless pursuit for results. Regardless of the legal issue, we know that our clients’ are facing a life-altering situation and the results we achieve in their case can be permanent. When we take a case here at Adept Law, we do so with the understanding of how that case’s outcome can affect our clients. Therefore, we take each case with a deep sense of responsibility and dedication.

Cases We Can Handle

At Adept Law, we provide complete legal services for:


       Business Services

       Family Law

       Civil Rights

       Property Law

     Criminal Law

We proudly serve the Mason and Kitsap counties of Washington.

Each case we take is handled with enthusiasm and we’re proactive in achieving the best possible outcome for our clients. That means we devise a strategy, discuss it with our clients, and move forward together. We start working on a case the moment we’re signed and we don’t stop working until the case is done.

As an experienced firm, we know the importance of dedication and preparation. We prepare our clients and our firm for every case that needs to go to trial. We’re experts at managing our cases and we know what is needed to win in court.

About C. Robert Houle

C. Robert Houle founded Adept Law in 2007, but his career began long before that. Houle once was a partner for one of Mason County’s largest law firms, but he always wanted to branch out and serve his community. He felt that community members deserved a highly skilled, personable law firm that still delivered the big firm results, but the comfort and reliability of a smaller law firm.

Adept Law PLLC started with four core values: Integrity, Honesty, Family, and Accountability. Through those values, C. Robert Houle has created an experienced, reputable law firm that serves the community.

Contact Adept Law PLLC today for a no obligation consultation by dialing 866-452-3378 now.

At Adept Law, we strive to protect your best interests. We hold ourselves to a higher code of ethics and we feel that after a consultation with us, you’ll see the difference Adept Law can make in your case.

Sanity & Satisfaction


We are bullheaded in our

representation of you.

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