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Family Law

Adept Law PLLC Family Law

The Adept Law firm appreciates that family law is usually a very sensitive matter and it must be handled with exceptional care. Adept Law PLLC provides compassionate and comprehensive family law services to all residents of the Puget Sound.

Adept Law will help resolve each unique family law case using a humanistic approach that values integrity, accountability, and respect for one another. They are focused on resolving family law issues using mediation, arbitration, and collaborative methods whenever possible, before resorting to more emotional and costly litigation procedures.

Family Law Attorney

The Adept law firm is led by Attorney, C. Robert Houle, who has over 14 years of experience handling family matters, such as divorces and annulments. Adept Law PLLC always protects our clients’ ownership rights and property interests in divorce or annulment proceedings. Adept Law will make sure their clients’ expectations are met in regards to exclusive possession of the matrimonial home and contents, preservation and non-depletion of property, sale of the matrimonial home, and equalization of net family property.

Divorce Attorney

C. Robert Houle is very adept at handling delicate divorce agreements and sensitive custody disputes. He will assist clients in determining and arranging fair spousal support and child support agreements. He will also represent clients in enforcement of support payments, child support modifications, and parenting plan modifications.

Custody Dispute Attorney

Adept Law knows that children are not an asset than can be conveniently divided in two. They will protect every parent’s right to make sure their child is not used as a pawn in a lengthy legal battle. Custody disputes are never easy, but Adept Law will do whatever they can to make it fair for the children involved.

Family Law Safety

Unfortunately, some family law matters will require additional measures to ensure the safety of you and your children. Adept law firm has helped clients obtain non-harassment and restraining orders whenever necessary. If you are concerned about a former spouse harming or abducting you or children, please immediately contact the Mason County or Kitsap County police department, as well as the Adept law firm. You and your family deserve to have the law on your side.

Family Arbitration & Mediation

It is never comfortable to bring family members, even a former spouse, to court. Adept Law PLLC tries to settle family law concerns outside of the courtroom whenever possible using proven arbitration or mediation methods. If you and your family member agree to try to resolve it through an amicable compromise agreement, the attorneys at Adept Law PLLC can help you reach an agreement.

Collaborative Law

Collaborative law is a relatively new technique for resolving disputes. It removes the disputed matter from the litigious courtroom setting to keep both the costs and the emotional upheaval to a minimum. Collaborative law is a cooperative effort that attempts to solve the problem rather than fighting each other in court until only one person wins. Adept Law PLLC understands the importance of working towards a win-win solution, especially in cases regarding family law.

Adept Law always work very hard to achieve the best possible results for our clients. Adept Law strives to provide a small town feel with big firm results. That is why when you call the Adept law firm in the Puget Sound region, you will always speak directly with a qualified attorney.

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