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Drive Again

Have you lost your license due to failure to pay fines and other legal obligations? Does it seem like your climbing a never ending debt mountain in order to get your license back . We can help!  You can use a Chapter 13 bankruptcy to establish an affordable payment plan. Once the Order Confiming your plan is entered the holds on your license are released.


You might ask are the costs of hiring Adept Law PLLC to high to make it affordable for me?

We have various ways to defer our costs in order to help you.


Do you still offer discounts to persons over 70 and Veterans?

Yes, of course we do.


Now is the time let our Drive Again product help you get legally back on the road!


Call 866-452-3378 to discuss your options.  Consults are always  free. To  help speed things along  please fill out our convenient and secure intake sheet.

Sanity & Satisfaction


We are bullheaded in our

representation of you.

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