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Civil Rights Restoration

  Adept Law PLLC Civil Rights

The first civil rights law in the constitution guarantees that everyone that lives within the United States of America has equal rights under the law. Adept Law PLLC will work hard to ensure your civil rights are always protected. It will fight for clients in Puget Sound region who have been discriminated against based on their race, color, sex, national origin, ancestry, age, religion, disability, marital status, or sexual orientation. We will also represent and defend clients that need assistance with expunging past misdemeanors or felony records.  

Civil Rights Restoration

The team at Adept Law PLLC has over 13 years of experience practicing criminal law and civil rights restoration. Restoring civil rights is one of their most important roles of their attorney and it is always taken very seriously.  Adept law firm has helped countless clients restore their basic rights, including the fundamental right to bear arms. Their adept attorney will also help reinstate voting rights, driving privileges, and ensure the proper vacation of criminal violation data to make sure it does not affect future employment opportunities.

Vacation of Criminal History

Everyone deserves a clean slate, especially if the original conviction has been discharged or overturned. Unfortunately, privilege restoration is not as automatic of a procedure as one would hope. Adept Law PLLC will first evaluate your unique case to determine if you meet the criteria for vacating the record of conviction, and then pursue reinstating all of your fundamental rights until they have been restored. Their experienced attorneys have successfully overseen countless vacations of misdemeanors and the complete expunging of all criminal history.

Gun Rights Restoration

The U.S. constitution gives every American the right to bear arms, so they can protect themselves and their families from danger. Unfortunately, ensuring gun rights restoration can be a challenging legal matter for individuals with an unresolved criminal history. Adept Law PLLC will fight to protect every client’s constitutional rights by restoring their right to carry a firearm, provided the client does not have a conviction for a violent offense.  

Civil Rights Attorney

The Adept law firm is a team of experienced civil rights defenders that are motivated by protecting the rights and freedoms of every American in the Puget Sound region. They are adept at successfully and cost-effectively resolving any civil rights disputes through mediation and litigation. Clients can feel confident trusting their  the team at Adept Law PLLC.



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