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End2End Business Services


 Adept Law PLLC Business Law

Adept Law firm was built on 27 years of executive management experience. Adept’s founder, attorney, C. Robert Houle, has successfully run his own business for over six years, and sincerely enjoys helping other business owners achieve immense success. He is also a business professor at the University of Phoenix in Arizona.

Attorney C. Robert Houle

Robert Houle, who prefers that his clients simply call him Bob, teaches law, ethics, strategic management, and other business-related courses at the university. Besides being an experienced attorney, he also has his Master’s in Business Administration and a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Management.  

Adept Law PLLC’s business services go beyond traditional litigation business services to make sure all of their clients’ business objectives are achieved. Adept Law handles incorporation, commercial real estate transactions, and competition law resolution. The Adept law firm can also advise on business planning and marketing due to Bob’s extensive business experience. The Adept law firm views their clients’ businesses as a whole, rather than just focusing on the legal needs of the business.

Contract Attorney

Contracts can be complex and potentially harmful to your business, especially if you are not confident in the terms of the agreement. The Adept Law firm helps clients with contract preparation, contract negotiations, and drafting of the final business contract. Their attorneys thoroughly understand contract law and make sure all contracts suit their clients’ best interests.

Executive Coaching

Attorney, C. Robert Houle (Bob)’s impressive business background makes him an ideal executive coach for businesses of all sizes. That is why Adept Law PLLC extends their business law services to include comprehensive executive coaching. Their coaching services cover everything from developing the initial start-up plan, creating company procedures, promoting the business’ product and services, and any other guidance that is required along the way.

Business Ethics

 Adept Law PLLC takes its business service even one-step further by counselling business owners on any issues regarding business ethics. It will provide sound advice to ensure your business, and the companies you work with, are upholding the expected ethical standards for businesses in the United States.


Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) refers to a set of guidelines that explain regulations that publicly traded companies are required to follow. SOX guidelines are a set of best-practice principles that are applicable to companies of all sizes, especially any company that provides services to other businesses that are also subject to SOX guidelines. The Adept law firm understands the complex SOX guidelines and how they can affect your business. Their attorneys will help ensure that a company is fully compliant or help litigate any businesses that have not followed the SOX guidelines.

The Adept Law firm is focused on creating long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with every one of our business clientele. Most small businesses that sign up with the firm will stay with the firm throughout the life of their business. If you have a business that needs legal advice or executive coaching, please contact the team at Adept Law PLLC.






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